Bring your 3×3 game to Ano Liosia and win tickets for Euroleague Final

The Municipality of Fyli Streetball, the biggest 3×3 basketball event of the autumn, is waiting more than 200 players during the week-end of 30 september and 1 october in the Iroon Square from Ano Liosia.


Named Olympic discipline this year, 3×3 basketball is considered to be the most popular urban team sport, with more than 250 million players all over the world. The Municipality of Fyli is offering every basketball player from Athens the chance to get the taste of an official FIBA Endorsed competition.

Official basketball hoops and courts, official balls and an organizing team that was part of some of the biggest 3×3 events in the world in the past years are ready to offer anyone the ultimate 3×3 basketball experience and to put Athens on the 3×3 basketball world map.

Moreover, big prizes are prepared for the winners of each category. The Open Men and Women winning teams will get tickets to the 2018 Euroleague Final Four in Belgrade, plus flights and accommodation for all four players of the team. The U18 boys and girls category will receive Fitbit fitness bracelets and other prizes from the partners of the competition.

Registrations will be made online, at and there is a limit number of 50 teams accepted for the tournament, 200 players in total. The registration is free of charge and all players must have a validated account on FIBA 3×3 web platform,

All participating players will receive points in the FIBA 3×3 World Rankings and will put Greece on the 3×3 world basketball map. Players can climb up in the individual ranking, in order to get further access to the Challengers and World Tour Masters tournaments, while all the points count for the Nations Ranking which can offer Greece the chance to qualify for Europe and World Cups.

The 3×3 basketball event concept it’s not only dedicated to the players. All the spectators, families and basketball friends, are invited to be part of this sport experience. DJ scratching all day long, contests for spectators, kids area and other side-events will generate a lot of fun for all the family members.



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